PARADISE CHAT AND PCO SPADES WILL BE CLOSING ITS DOORS ON WEDNESDAY September 28, 2016, it is a temporary closure.
Due to the never ending DDOS attacks we have
endured for the past 4 weeks, we have decided to take a few weeks to sort things out.
We are doing this to help the members and staff, the stress and ongoing craziness is not Fair to
the members.
We should be re-opening in a few weeks.
To those you have been with us for over 11 years, we thank you for your loyalty and support, and this is why we will RE-OPEN for those to continue to call PCO there home.
We will be playing and hosting and chatting at, They have opened their doors to us and have been wonderful. 
If you do come here, please try to make your PCO name as you will be given a VIP account. It is an Adult site, so by pass the lobby and look for the PCO PIT STOP ROOM, and the league rooms.
If we do not see you, it was a pleasure having you in PCO!
The downloads have been pulled down from all our web pages.
If you want an email send to you when we re-open, please send your user name and email to

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